Akiru’s Story of Early and Forced Marriage in Kenya

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New short film by FilmAid - nominated for two awards at the Kalasha International Film Festival in Nairobi – tells a powerful story about child marriage in Kenya.

In developing countries, 1 in 3 girls are said to be married before they reach 18 years old. Early and forced marriage is a global problem that continues to harm millions of girls and boys each year – often halting their education and limiting their future.

The situation is especially dire in Sub-Saharan Africa with 40% of girls marrying before 18 years old. Girls in refugee camps remain even more vulnerable to early and forced marriage in part because of the unique economic challenges their families face.  

In partnership with Windle Trust Kenya, WUSC’s Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP) is working to improve access to and quality of education for marginalized girls and boys in Kenya, with a strong focus on refugees. By building girl-friendly school environments, providing targeted support to female learners and fostering parental and community support for girls’ education, more young girls in Kenya are building better futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

Why is this important for early and forced marriage prevention? Girls with no education are 3 times more likely to marry early than those with a secondary or higher level of education.

With the support of WUSC, FilmAid created a powerful video highlighting the issue of early and forced marriage and the impacts on education for young girls. This short film tells the story of Akiru, a bright young girl forced to marry due to the economic difficulties faced by her family. Nominated by the Kenya Film Commission at the Kalasha International Film Awards, this unique film provides a rare glimpse into one of the most pressing issues facing girls in developing countries today. Watch the video below and vote for “Early Marriage” here: http://goo.gl/forms/1DhVjl37ci.

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