Skills For Employment

For people seeking skills and knowledge to build their futures, technical vocational education and training (TVET) is a relevant and high-potential pathway. TVET equips young people with specialized skills to meet the demands of the local labour market.

WUSC is committed to offering opportunities for young women and men to escape the cycle of poverty.  That’s why we have designed our widely recognized vocational training system, the Employment Skills Training Cycle©, which has developed the potential of thousands of individuals for 15 years. WUSC programs provide the technical and life skills necessary to promote sustainable livelihoods.

WUSC empowers young people with employment skills in the following contexts: 

  • equipping youth and women with skills in dozens of trades in Sri Lanka and Afghanistan;
  • securing futures for youth post-independence South Sudan;
  • contributing to re-building efforts in Haiti, post-earthquake;
  • improving quality and relevance of vocational training to community colleges in Vietnam.