Refugee Sponsorship

Whether because of war, political repression or environmental reasons, young men and women are often forced to flee their home countries, only to face the harsh conditions of life in a refugee camp. Opportunities for refugees to pursue higher education are virtually non-existent, leaving many bright and talented students unable to achieve their academic or professional goals.

WUSC is committed to provide refugee students with an opportunity to leave the camp and pursue their higher education at a Canadian university and/or college and resettle in Canada as permanent residents. Each refugee is sponsored by a WUSC Local Committee, which is made up of volunteer students, faculty and staff on a university or college campus. Each Committee raises the necessary funds to support a refugee during his or her first year in Canada. 

WUSC’s Student Refugee Program includes: 

  • sponsoring student refugees living in asylum in Kenya, Malawi, and Syria to pursue their studies at Canadian post-secondary institutions and resettle as permanent residents; 
  • donate to WUSC’s Student Refugee Program and help give young people living in refugee camps a better future through education!

Learn more about the ways you can get involved.

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