Empowering mothers and their children

Mothers. They provide strength, support and love to their families. They help build communities, businesses and countries. They are also one the most disadvantaged groups in the world. Hundreds of thousands of women die every year due to complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Mothers supporting their families have less chance of finding quality jobs and training programs compared to men. Women and young girls afflicted with HIV and AIDS are often denied proper health care and many HIV-positive mothers and their children are stigmatized and cast out.

WUSC and our overseas partners are working to ensure that both mother and child live their best life with improved access to quality health care, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities and educating women and girls on their sexual and reproductive health rights.

This Mother’s Day, in honour of your mother and mothers everywhere, please consider making a donation to World University Service of Canada (WUSC) to help mothers around the developing world.

Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day!

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