Get your heart pumping with some Bike for AIDS love!

No plans for Valentine’s Day? Why not share some love through Bike for AIDS!

Thanks to the Bike for AIDS campaign, WUSC Local Committees and members have raised awareness on HIV and AIDS in Malawi. Through the Bike for AIDS campaign, WUSC in Malawi supports community partner organizations to better reach rural populations in need of HIV and AIDS assistance by providing health workers access to bicycles and bicycle-ambulances.

With access to bicycles and bicycle-ambulances, we can help support health workers in Malawi to see up to five time as many patients. Get involved in the Bike for AIDS campaign!

  • $200 in donations can help provide a bicycle;
  • $500 in donations can help provide a bicycle-ambulance*

*includes costs for shipping and delivery.

Get the wheels in motion!

Here are a few ideas that are sure to make your campus or community fall in love with Bike for AIDS.

  • Get fit for a good cause! Host a Valentine’s Spin Class and donate the proceeds to Bike for AIDS.
  • Tap into your campus' love of sports and host a stationary bike-o-thon!
  • Set up a candy-gram booth fundraiser!
  • Raise Awareness! Partner with the Health or AIDS Centre on campus and give out Condoms as Valentines. Encourage donations!
  • Be silly and have fun! Involve a varsity team in a Trike for AIDS obstacle course
  • Wax for AIDS anyone? Tried, tested and true, this funny fundraiser is sure to raise (waxed) eyebrows! (just be sure to have a trained esthetician on board!) 

Don't forget to add colour to your activity with our Uniterra Bike for AIDS campaign materials! Need more of our posters or handouts? Just download them on our website.

And most importantly, don’t forget to brag! We can’t wait to see how many great events will be happening this Valentine’s Day!

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