International Women's Day

Information for International Women's Day 2013 will be up soon, so stay tuned!

Happy International Women’s Day! On this special day, we would like to thank all our volunteers and partners who make a difference in women’s lives. Your invaluable contributions have helped tens of thousands of women and young girls around the world.

March 8th, we join the world in commemorating the International Women’s Day (IWD). This is a day where we celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.  We are inviting you not to sit down, but stand up and be the change. Commemorate this day by promoting the Her Challenge, Your Challenge Campaign.  There are many things you can do on campus or in your community to promote the campaign, some of them include:

  • Hold a special coffee house or an open mic event to echo women’s voices, raise awareness on some of the inequalities that exist today!
  • Play our campaign videos at an event, encourage friends to watch the videos or record their own to inform your community of women’s challenges abroad.
  • Hold a special movie night that educates people about gender equality.
  • Organize a public Her challenge, Your challenge exhibit. Present campaign videos and images in a public space to inform students and your community.

That’s not all! There are more things for you: be inspired with stories and updates from the campaign by going to the  Her Challenge Your Challenge website

Join also world debates for the International Women’s Day discussion on:

Have you planned an event already? Or planning to have one? Remember to share with us details of your event and we will advertise it on the Uniterra website, write Yves Kalala at 

Take action and speak for equality among women and men!

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