Local Committees: Shine a Light on refugee girls’ education this International Women’s Day!

This International Women’s Day (March 8), organize your own special Shine a Light event to raise awareness on refugee girls’ education.

Education is a powerful tool and without it few of us would reach our full potential. In refugee camps, very few girls have the opportunity to pursue their education beyond primary school. Without education, they have limited opportunities for their future. 62 million girls of primary age are out of school and in many refugee camp schools, boys outnumber girls 4:1. Religious or cultural barriers can keep girls out of school, but often it simple constraints such as lack of teachers, uniforms, textbooks, or sanitary supplies.

Thanks to WUSC’s Shine a Light campaign, Local Committees have made an impact on refugee girls’ lives by providing the skills and resources they need to thrive in school. With your support, WUSC has secured long-term funding for girls’ education in Kenyan refugee camps with the new Kenya Equity in Education Project (KEEP).

LCs can now focus fundraising efforts on girls in refugee camps in Malawi with after-school programs in a safe learning environment. Girls are able to can catch up on their studies and gain the self-confidence they need to succeed.


Help a refugee girl reach her full potential.  Support her education.

While it takes resources like solar lamps, school uniforms and supplies to succeed it also takes courage, confidence and support to break through barriers and achieve the dreams of secondary and post-secondary education. This International Women’s Day, make your Shine a Light event a show of support and solidarity for girls everywhere who surmount obstacles to complete their education!

  • Have a panel or group of people speak about the various challenges of girls accessing education.
  • Organize a Flashlight mob or a blackout in public place/classrooms/sports arena where funds are raised to turn on lights.
  • Organize a glow-in-the-dark or tea light yoga session
  • Organize a fundraising concert, talent show or dance lit by flashlight
  • Attend an open-mic event or International Women’s Day activity and act out a short story on the obstacles refugee girls face
  • Partner with a local light themed festival or event to fundraise for Shine a Light
  • Donate SRP budget surplus to WUSC’s Shine a Light campaign to help girls overcome these obstacles and reach their full potential


Showcase inspiring letters from female sponsored students

This year, former sponsored students through WUSC’s Student Refugee Program are writing letters to refugee school girls in the camps. The female sponsored students will share their stories and words of support to let these young girls know that they too can achieve their educational goals. Local Committees are encouraged to download the PDF package (coming soon) and display the letters and images as part of their Shine a Light event.

These letters can also be used on other important days including:

  • Refugee Rights Day (May 4)
  • World Refugee Day (June 20)
  • International Day of the Girl-Child (Oct 11)

Have questions? Email your Regional Coordinator or the Youth and Community Engagement team (campus@wusc.ca)

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