Show your love of Fair Trade! “Be my Fair Trade Valentine”!

This Valentine’s Day, WUSC Local Committees across Canada are spreading some WUSC love with Fair Trade flare. You too can plan a “Be my Fair Trade Valentine” activity or hold a Fair Trade event in support of our WUSC campaigns (Shine a Light, Bike for AIDs, SRP Awareness) to engage others!

By incorporating Fair Trade products in Valentine’s Day celebrations, we are promoting ethical purchasing habits that support the Fair Trade industry in developing countries.

This means ensuring the goods we purchase are produced in a sustainable and more equitable matter. It means reinforcing the economic power of individuals and communities.

This year 32 Local Committees have answered our call and will be distributing Camino Fair Trade mini-chocolates!

Are you taking part? There are no shortages of options to promote Fair Trade on your campus on or around Valentine’s Day:

  • DIY! Prepare and give out/sell special valentines or organize a fun candy-gram exchange with Fair Trade chocolates to fundraise for a WUSC campaign.

  • SRP Thank You Campaign: Hand out special thank you valentines or cards, complete with mini Fair Trade chocolates, to students walking by to inform them of how they are making a difference on campus by supporting the Student Refugee Program. A feel good freebie!

  • Fair Trade candy jar count. Fill a large jar full of mini Fair Trade chocolates and ask students to guess how many are in by submitting a guess-entry complete with name and email (so you can follow-up if they win!). Closest entry wins the jar of goodies! While they are at your table, chat with them about Fair Trade and what your Local Committee does. You might recruit a few people.

  • Fair Trade Hot Chocolate station: Brave the winter cold and warm up your campus’ heart by handing out free Fair Trade hot chocolate to students outside or on their way to class. Free giveaways are always a hit and can help heighten your Local Committee’s visibility on campus.

  • Pump your heart for Bike for AIDS love! Set-up stationary bikes and reward volunteers who offer to bike in support of Bike for AIDS with some Fair Trade goodies. Make it a friendly competition with giveaways and raise funds.

  • Bike for AIDS tricycle race: Create a fun and safe tricycle race course (have you considered holding it outside in the winter to make it more interesting?) between students and promote Bike for AIDS. Winners of every race take home a fun Fair Trade goodie.

  • Hold an eye –catching info-table to promote WUSC and the impact of Fair Trade. Add an interactive photo-booth or spinning wheel game and post pictures on your Facebook page.

Learn more:

  • Click to learn how purchasing and giving fair trade flowers, chocolate, coffee/tea and wine can make St-Valentine's a whole lot sweeter!

  • Use Fair Trade Canada’s “Fair Trade Finder” to promote amazing products in your region or to purchase your Valentine’s stock directly from retailers in your area. Are you able to negotiate a good price/obtain free mini-chocolates to give out in order to promote a local business?

Check-out the Canadian Fair Trade Network’s (CFTN)’s newest Fair Trade Magazine Edition!

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