Local Committee Uniterra Symposia Series and International Development Week

This year International Development Week (February 5th to 11th) puts the spotlight on our collective efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and many WUSC leaders explore the theme of “Putting our purchasing power to use for people and planet” through the Uniterra One World ethical consumption campaign.

Every year, WUSC Local Committee students across Canada spark change by bringing together local experts, returned international volunteers, students and faculty for an educational symposium and other activities.

Upcoming Events:

February 6th, Université de Montréal: Uniterra Symposium “Ethical and sustainable consumption! Tools for getting there.”
4:30-7pm, pavillon Jean Brillant, Montréal, Québec

February 7th, Université Laval: “Uniterra Symposium on ethical consumption”
7pm, Pavillon Alphonse-Desjardins, Québec City

February 16th, McGill University: Uniterra Symposium "Ethical Consumption at McGill"
McGill's SSMU Building, Montréal, Québec

March 2nd, Huron University College: Uniterra Symposium - Thinking Globally Whilst Acting Locally: Ethical Consumption 
3:30-8pm, Great Hall, London, Ontario

March 4th, Queen’s University: "Be Bold for change: Uniterra Symposium on ethical consumption: Women at Work"
10am-3pm, Wallace Hall, JDUC Building, Kingston, Ontario

March 10th, Lakehead University: How students can consume ethically 
Thunder Bay, Ontario

March 13th, University of Guelph: Uniterra Symposium “The True Cost of Consumption”
University Center Rm UC 442, Guelph, Ontario

March 15th, Wilfrid Laurier University: Uniterra Symposium "People, Profit, Purpose" 
7-9pm, SEnate and Board Chamber, Waterloo, Ontario

March 17th, Carleton University and University of Ottawa: Uniterra Symposium on ethical consumption 
Ottawa, Ontario

March 28th, York University - Glendon: Uniterra Symposium “Fair Trade/Global Reach: Talking about the Ethics of Consumption with WUSC Glendon" 
7 pm – 9 pm, YH A300 (Skyroom), Glendon Campus, Toronto, Ontario

March 30th & 31st, Université du Québec à Montréal: Uniterra Symposium on ethical consumption «Regards croisés sur la consommation éthique: acteurs et enjeux socioéconomiques.»
Montréal, Québec

Event Dates To Be Confirmed:

Western University: Uniterra Symposium on ethical consumption
London, Ontario