Shifting Perspectives: Engaging Men on Addressing Gender Based Violence. Part 2/4

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Women Defining Peace - A documentary:The documentary -- Shifting Perspectives Engaging Men on Addressing Gender Based Violence -- produced in May 2012 by the Colombo-based field project team of the project Women Defining Peace (WDP) focuses on one particular, but critical aspect of WDP's achievements: the engagement of men and boys to increase their recognition of the issue of gender based violence (GBV), to change attitudes and behaviors, and responsibility to undertake personal and public preventative actions.

In Sri Lanka, as in most other countries, GBV is an issue that warrants deeper understanding, attention and action. During the 5 years of the project (2007 to 2012), WDP worked to strengthen the prevention, intervention and advocacy on gendered violence experienced by women in Sri Lanka.

Men-led social media and public awareness campaigns, implemented by a group of WDP partners including a national youth network and popular radio stations, succeeded in achieving widespread acknowledgement and open discourse and responsive action on GBV. The documentary is in 2 parts: part one could be used as a training tool on GBV issues and men and boys' engagement, while part two presents public awareness initiatives on GBV implemented by Sri Lankan organizations and supported by WDP.