Partner Award

The award recognizes outstanding commitment and contributions to international development and global citizenship by WUSC and CECI Canadian partners, organizations and institutions. This year, two Partner Awards will be given: one for university, college or CEGEP contributions and one for private sector or community-based organization contributions.


2013 Winners

University of Guelph: University of Guelph’s profound sense of social responsibility towards global issues is demonstrated through its active involvement in the WUSC Local Committee, the Student Refugee Program, the Leave for Change Program, Students Without Borders, WUSC’s International Student Management Program and all its work in public engagement in Canada.

Since 2006, 50 students have had the opportunity to complete internships overseas with the Students Without Borders Program. Eleven students from Botswana have been hosted at the University of Guelph through the International Student Management Program. Students are also highly engaged through the Guelph University Local Committee, one of Canada’s the most active and engaged committees, organizing many successful campus and community activities, with the Student Refugee Program (SRP) as a primary focus.

To engage its staff and faculty in international development, the University of Guelph became the first Canadian university to support the Leave for Change Program in 2007. It has since sent 44 staff and faculty overseas to share their skills with our community partners.

It is timely that we recognize the University of Guelph this year, not only because of its continued engagement in the Uniterra Program, but also since its current President, Alastair Summerlee, will be stepping down from his role this year at the University of Guelph.


Dentons: Since 2009, Dentons, formerly Fraser Miller Casgrain, has supported and funded 27 international solidarity missions as part of Leave for Change. WUSC would like to highlight the contribution and exceptional generosity of Dentons employees, who set themselves apart through their professionalism on the field and their efforts in public engagement of Canadians through the Dentons blog.

Specifically, we would like to highlight the contribution of Ms. Susan Brown, a retired Dentons employee, who participated as a Leave for Change volunteer and is currently on the field as a long-term volunteer, acting as a legal advisor for the Nununa Federation. In Canada, Ms. Brown generously mobilized resources pro bono at Dentons to support CECI in all the corporative processes involved in opening an International Fair Trade Counter in Montreal. This huge work is a donation valued at over $25,000.

Ms. Solange Goulet, Director of Human Resources, also greatly contributed to the efforts to increase the visibility of the program by presenting Leave for Change as part of a lunch conference held by the Association des administrateurs d’études juridiques (AIA Québec). This presentation reached some of the largest law firms in Canada and brought great visibility to the program.