Congratulations to all the winners and nominees at the 2011 WUSC International Forum

2011 International Forum

Lewis Perinbam Award:

Winner: Ryan Hreljac, Ryan's Well Foundation
At 20 years old, Ryan is the founder of the Ryan's Well Foundation, an organization committed to delivering access to safe water and empowering people of all ages to make a difference in the world. 
At the age of six, Ryan began raising money for those affected by the global water crisis and in 1999, seven years old Ryan Hreljac's first well was built in a Ugandan village.

The Local Committee Award:

Winner: Université Laval 
For 15 years, the Université Laval LC has been a very active student group, having sponsored 19 students and organized awareness campaigns each year. 
In 2010-2011, the committee has been particularly dynamic, committed and passionate in support of WUSC's mission.

The WUSC Alumni of the Year:

Winner: Lila Pavey
Former longterm volunteer through WUSC/Uniterra in Botswana, where she worked for the Ministry of Education and Skills Development as an HIV Technical Advisor. 
In the past few years Lila has helped to leverage more than US$2 million in donor funding for development projects. She is also taking the lead in addressing Gender Based Violence in particular, sexual abuse of children.

The Farm Radio International Award:

Winner: Fatogoma Sanogo
Program director at Radio Fanaka in Fana, Mali. 
Helps farmers connect to discuss market challenges and solutions producing Aw Ni Sugu as part of Farm Radio International's African Farm Radio Research Initiative.

WUSC Local Committee People's Choice Awards:


 Outstanding contribution to SRP – University of Guelph

Committee on the rise – University of Laurier-Brantford

Event of the year – University of Regina

Best Media Engagement Award - Laurentian University



Awards are handed out during WUSC's International Forum in November. Stay tuned for information on the 2012 nominations!

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