Congratulations to our WUSC Local Committee graduates!

WUSC would like to send warm congratulations to all of the Local Committee members graduating this year! Your passion and efforts to support WUSC during your studies have truly made an impact on our international programs and in your communities. Without your dedication, our WUSC network wouldn’t be as strong and far reaching as it is!

It’s not over! As a WUSC graduating student, you are now part of a vibrant and diverse network of WUSC Alumni who are passionate about international development like you. You can continue to follow our work and support us in new adventures:  join our WUSC Connections members’ newsletter to be kept in the loop! (sign-up here!)

NEW! WUSC Youth and Community Engagement will be looking for knowledgeable WUSC Alumni to support our Local Committees next year. Keep your eye out for this exciting WUSC Regional Volunteer Network call-out in the coming months! You can also email for more information.

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