Have your voice be heard, complete our online survey “Towards an Action Plan for Youth”!

WUSC and CECI, through their joint Uniterra program, have developed several activities in human development and poverty reduction involving youth from both the South and Canada. WUSC and CECI are currently developing a detailed youth strategy with specific objectives and an Action Plan to achieve development results in the Global South.

Thus, WUSC invites you to join in on our discussion with Canadians by completing our survey “Towards an Action Plan for Youth”. Our goal is to engage with Canadians on issues regarding youth education and employment in developing countries as we develop our Youth Action Plan.

Our target audience for this survey includes WUSC and CECI’s institutional members, alumni and partners as well as members of the international development community. In short all Canadians interested in contributing to this joint initiative. Please feel free to circulate this invitation widely throughout all of your networks; we are interested in gathering a variety of perspectives.

The survey is now closed. You can also contact Angele@wusc.ca should you have any questions.


We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your participation!

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