Helping International Students succeed

This August, 47 Batswana students, including nine students with special needs, arrived in Canada to attend post-secondary school through WUSC’s International Student Management (ISM) and with sponsorship from the Tertiary Education and Finance Department of the Government of Botswana.

The students will be attending over 30 universities and colleges across Canada. Prior to that, however, there was an orientation week in Ottawa hosted by WUSC along with session speakers from the community. Students learned the ins and outs of Canadian culture while forming new friendships with one another. At the end of the week, the students were very pleased with what they learned at the orientation.

“Good work you are doing guys! Every little piece of information you shared with us was pretty useful and good,” said one student.

“I enjoyed the breakfast and the lunch. The presentation about the Journey to Success was wonderful and it opened my mind,” said another student.

To date, over 1500 students from Botswana have studied at over 30 universities and colleges across Canada through scholarships paid by their government and managed by WUSC. More than 92% have graduated and returned home to contribute to their country's development.

Along with the Batswana students, five Indonesian students are placed at the Coady International Institute for the Diploma in Development Leadership from July to December and 12 additional participants from Indonesia are taking short-term courses at Coady this fall. Find out more about WUSC’s Local Leadership for Development program in Indonesia.

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