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Tumelo Keitumetse, a graduate of Carleton University’s School of Engineering and a project manager with Botswana Railways, describes his experience studying in Canada through WUSC’s International Student Management program:

Canada was lots of fun. The country in many ways compares to Botswana. It is a very peaceful country and the people are very friendly. My experience of studying in Canada included learning to be independent, to be on time, and not to procrastinate. I also learned about the different cultures in Canada, and the value placed on engineering as a career.

Canada’s education system is very good, particularly engineering courses. Students are taught from the onset how important it is for them to work hard. The courses are very engaging with very little time to play around. The system also allows for students not able to pass some courses to play catch-up by doing them over the summer holidays, or it allows people to do more in the time period allowed for the degree. In my case, I was able to do both a Bachelor of Engineering and also a Minor in statistics. I was also able to do a course in Transport Engineering offered for Masters students.

The system also encourages students to do lots and lots of research on their own. The one thing I have learnt in Canada is research. I rely heavily on research in my jobs. Personal discipline that comes from a large work load is also helping me on my current job, as I am doing the best I can. Canadians by their nature work hard, and living in a country like that will find a way into your system. You will naturally find yourself not playing around because the culture around is working hard.

WUSC did their best to help me succeed in my program. The good thing about WUSC is that the staff is very approachable and also very professional. I had a personal program officer who always encouraged me to network and join the different clubs on campus. The program officer was always available when I needed to talk or needed to ask something. WUSC encouraged me to find a professor as a mentor, and that helped me to focus throughout the program. They also gave us a good orientation of what to expect when we get to Canada, and that helped a lot. The stipend we were getting as students always came without fail in time.

One last thing I would like to say is that little things come with the price of staying in Canada. I met my wife in Canada. We were both students at Carleton, and we are now a happy family.

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