Local Committees: Let’s get started!

Welcome back, Local Committees! The beginning of a new year and a new session is a welcomed opportunity to roll up your sleeves to help train new WUSC members and organize great on-campus activities.

We hand-picked our top 4 resources to help you get started this Winter session:
1. Best Practice Guide 2013-2014:
Get inspired from our experts, other Local Committees! It includes ideas on recruiting and creating a good structure within your LC.

Best Practice Guide 2013-2014

2. WUSC 101 Presentation:
Are you holding a training session for your members? Download on our official WUSC 101 PowerPoint presentation for Local Committees - it includes sections on our overseas work and the Student Refugee Program!

WUSC 101 – “Everything you need to know about WUSC!” Powerpoint

3. WUSC Campaign Factsheets:
Learn practical information on Shine a Light, Bike for AIDS and Uniterra Symposia's impact with our nifty Campaign Factsheets. They contain event ideas and key messages when speaking to the media.

Bike 4 AIDS

Shine a Light

Mock Refugee Camp(us)

Uniterra Symposia


You’ll also find them under "Factsheets" on our Resource page: http://www.wusc.ca/en/local-committee-resources

4. Student Refugee Program (SRP) Training Videos:

Take 10 minutes of your January meetings to showcase one of our 7 SRP training videos. Made by Local Committees for Local Committees, they are full of ideas to help you become a stronger sponsoring group.

SRP Training Videos:


Other Resources

Find our official WUSC Logos for your posters, button and t-shirt templates, helpful guides and more resources to help you get started!

LC Resources Page: http://www.wusc.ca/en/local-committee-resources

SRP Resources Page: http://www.wusc.ca/en/program/srp-resources

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