Making Refugee Education a Top Priority

Refugees, who complete secondary and post-secondary education, become valuable contributors to their community and country. Yet access to higher education continues to be limited and uneven across all regions in the Eastern and Horn of Africa.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) recently released a study stressing the importance of providing refugees with proper, quality education.

The study shows that while enrolment levels are 76% in primary school the levels drop dramatically to 36% in secondary school. Girls are at a particular disadvantage, dropping out at a higher and faster rate, with only five girls for every 10 boys.


How WUSC is Helping Refugee Students Succeed

Refugee education is a core focus for WUSC, and for over 30 years we have played an active role in transforming the lives of over 1000 student refugees through the Student Refugee Program. As the only youth-to-youth sponsorship program that combines resettlement with education, the SRP helps talented young men and women pursue their educational goals in an environment free of violence and persecution.



WUSC’s Shine a Light campaign provides after-school classes for refugee girls in Kenya and Malawi. The after-school classes helps these girls catch up on their studies, thus decreasing the risk of drop-out. By providing these educational opportunities, the girls are able to stay in school while increasing their self-confidence and leadership skills.



What can you do to help?

Learn more about WUSC’s Student Refugee Program and tell your family, friends and coworkers about the program

Donate to WUSC to support our efforts in refugee education

Fundraise or campaign for the SRP on your campus and or in your community 

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