Meet our Canadian participants to the 2014 International Seminar!

This year’s International Seminar in Burkina Faso will bring together Local Committee members and youth from 5 different countries: Burkina Faso, Canada, Guinea, Ghana and Senegal. Our fearless participants are giving up one week of studies to explore our 2014 theme “Youth Employability: Challenges for inclusion in the labour market and for youth entrepreneurship”.

Just what will our participants be tackling in one short week? They will have the opportunity to compare and share ideas on the challenges and opportunities that today’s youth face in finding a good, stable job. They will explore youth-led projects and small-scale enterprises that work, and define how on-campus volunteering can help build solid skills for employment. Local Committee members from Burkina Faso, Canada and Ghana will also meet for a special one day WUSC Local Committee Forum!

First launched in 1948, the Uniterra International Seminar has a long history of bringing Canadian youth with youth in developing countries to work on a collaborative project. The reflections and ideas that come out of this year’s 67th edition will feed into WUSC’s and Uniterra’s (a WUSC and CECI program) vision for their continued youth programming.  As Local Committee members and students, our participants are well placed to provide this input!

Our Canadian representatives are:

Audrey Lord (Université Laval)


Elyse Cook (University of Manitoba)


Jessica Rostan (Guelph University)

Take part in the discussion: We need your voice!

Do you want to help our participants share your thoughts on youth employment and entrepreneurship in Canada? Write us at to let us know how you think the job market meets the needs of today’s youth.


Take part in the Uniterra International Seminar

Interested in the next International Seminar? Keep your eyes open – we’ll be calling for the next round of applications in the coming months!

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