New Teacher Certification Program Starts this Year

WUSC is changing lives through education and training with its new program in Afghanistan.


About WUSC’s Teacher Certification and Accreditation Program (TCAP)

The goal of TCAP is to establish a system for the certification of teachers and the accreditation of teacher training institutions in Afghanistan.  By improving the standards of teaching, the program will enhance the overall quality and access of education given to boys and girls in the country, especially in rural areas.

Read more about the program here.

Right now the program is still in its planning phase, but will launch this fall. In April, a group of six senior Afghan educators will come to Canada for a knowledge-sharing visit where they will meet with education ministries and universities in Ontario, New Brunswick and PEI.


Linking Canadian Institutions Overseas

Tim Goddard (pictured second from left), Dean of Education at the University of Prince Edward Island, is heading the project and has recently returned from Afghanistan where he met with stakeholders in Kabul and in the provinces. The UPEI will be working in partnership with WUSC to implement the project.


Canadian students show their support

Afghan student groups at UofO and University of Calgary recently held fundraisers to support WUSC’s work in Afghanistan.

At the UofO event in March, almost 100 people turned out to the event which featured guest speakers, traditional dancing and a presentation on the program. The event was a huge success raising $1000 for WUSC.



“I truly feel that education is the key to unlocking long term peace and sustainable development in Afghanistan. I also think there is a difference between education and quality education,” says Zahira Sarwar, member of the Afghan Student Committee at UofO

“This program ensures that teachers are qualified to provide quality education to the Afghan population.”

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