P. Luxan: Finding his passion while supporting his family

P. Luxan is a young man that wasn’t very interested in school. He studied until the O-level (a General Certificate of Education qualification), but didn’t pass. Without his O-level, finding a good job proved to be a significant challenge.

Luxan needed a marketable skill in a trade where he could get his hands dirty. He was a perfect fit for the WUSC supported motorcycle repair course.

Luxan did well in the training course and was placed in a motorcycle repair shop in Kilinochchi for “On the Job” training. His boss, N. Kumar, was pleased with his technical knowledge, but set a new challenge for Luxan. He needed to improve his efficiency if he intended to make a living repairing motorcycles. Luxan took on the challenge and the shop owner has let the WUSC monitoring staff know that his work is improving, his speed of repairs is increasing and there is the likelihood of permanent employment after the OJT component of the course is over.

Luxan is learning more than just efficient techniques from his boss. He is learning entrepreneurial skills and would like to follow in Kumar’s footsteps and open his own shop one day. Until that happens, he plans to work hard in Kumar’s shop and contribute to his family income. Luxan knows his earnings will make a difference for himself and for his family.

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