Reports from the 2012 AWID International Forum

Association for Women's Rights in Development - International Forum

We've arrived!!! We are waiting sleepily in the Istanbul airport arrivals lounge. Our colleagues from Sri Lanka are due to arrive shortly from the other side of the world. We're keen to see them!

Our flight from Ottawa to Istanbul was smooth and we met a couple of other AWID Forum participants along the way. Talking with them in the passport control line got us even more excited for the conference to start.

This year's AWID Forum is on the theme "Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women's Rights and Justice". We're here as part of the WUSC delegation that includes our partners MATCH International, Farm Radio International and the Uniterra Program.

The Uniterra program team at AWID! From left to right: Mariame Coulibaly (Senegal, host), Brina Carina Caxaj Àlvarez (Guatemala), Héléne Safiétou Diop Diouf (Senegal), Peggie Ramapha (Botswana)


In total, we'll be 10 delegates from 5 countries (Canada, Sri Lanka, Botswana, Senegal and Guatemala). A truly global group at a big global event (there are more than 2000 delegates)!

We plan to make the most of our week here - taking the chance to network, deepen our knowledge on economic justice and feel part of a global community working for social change.

Follow our blog to hear about our experience at the forum!


Stephanie and Katharine 

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