Sponsored refugee students begin new life in Canada

For the 74 refugee students sponsored this year through the Student Refugee Program, the beginning of the school year marked the start of a new life and a promising future. Read More…

WUSCers across the country welcomed 74 student refugees from Kenya, Malawi, Thailand, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. These young men and women will pursue their post-secondary education in over 50 universities and colleges across the country.

Twenty percent of the students sponsored this year are women. WUSC is beginning to see the results of recent initiatives in refugee girls’ education such as the Kenya Equity in Education Program (KEEP), and will soon be welcoming a few of its KEEP graduates as sponsored students for the 2014 and the 2015 academic year. As more women and girls are passing through our programs in Kenya and Malawi we expect this number to increase significantly.

This is also the first year WUSC has sponsored students from Syria – a first in the 35 years of the SRP. WUSC’s plan for growth will allow us to help Canada respond to the growing numbers of refugees internationally. With tens of thousands of youth in asylum, education is the best route for young refugees to build a new life and fully participate in our world and communities. WUSC is working towards expanding the Student Refugee Program and intending to bring in a greater number of Syrian students whose studies have been interrupted as they are displaced by the current conflict.

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