Uniterra Leadership Meeting 2013: A space for growth, connections and youth-driven inspiration

On August 16tth to 18th, 58 student leaders representing 43 Canadian Universities and Colleges were welcomed at  the capital city in order to partake at this year’s Uniterra Leadership Meeting. Below is a reflection on the experience from Kathleen McIver a representative from Mount Saint Vincent University.

“When I attended the Uniterra Leadership Meeting 2013 in Ottawa, I was quite new to WUSC at my own university, and I really had no idea what to expect during the weekend. I was also nervous attending this conference by myself. However, by the end of the weekend in Ottawa, I can honestly say that I have left with many new friends I can relate with and talk too. The common connection everyone had at the Conference was to learn about WUSC and to find out what we as leaders on our committees can do to spread awareness, fundraise, campaign, and advocate for WUSC on our campus.

In my perspective, the leadership conference was much more than presentations about WUSC. It was a rare opportunity to meet other WUSCers across Canada and to connect on a level of what we all could do, to better ourselves and our committees. Furthermore, by collaborating and teaming up with different people, we became a close-knit family in a short period of time. I felt as though I met so many different personalities, but we all supported one another. The conference was more than just knowledge and information, it was motivation. I was able to learn about others’ successes on their campuses and the tools they used, and what I could do for mine. I learned about sponsored students’ and their journeys to get here to Canada and every person I met was inspirational. As well, our group discussions became powerful and listening to others talk about WUSC made me feel very lucky to be part of something so amazing.

At the end of the conference, you will be sad to leave the beautiful city of Ottawa and the amazing friends you have bonded with. But, by speaking from experience, you will be extremely motivated and inspired to create change on your campus, as I was. You will think about the experiences you have gained, and the opportunities the WUSC leaders have presented to you and you will run with it! I am so honored and appreciative for this experience to attend this conference and I have been deeply inspired 

and grateful to the WUSC leaders who put it all together. Thank you so much and I hope those who do attend the conference next year will realize how outstanding this opportunity truly is.”

By: Kathleen McIver, Local Committee member & secretary at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, NS. 

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