University of Guelph Professor Sends Computers to Ghana after Leave for Change® placement

Faculty and staff in universities and colleges across Canada are putting their skills and vacation time to good use through Uniterra’s Leave for Change® program. This volunteer program enables employees from participating organizations and companies to transform part of their annual vacation into a three to four week placement with a local partner in one of 12 developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Guelph University is one of five university and college partners participating in Leave for Change®.

Though participants are only there for a short period of time, their work contributes to positive, lasting change. Many participants continue to help the local partner even after they come back to Canada.

One such participant is University of Guelph faculty member, Professor Jacqueline Murray, director of U of G’s first-year seminars program. While on her placement in Ghana, she discovered that the adult literacy program run by the ministry of education was in dire need of resources and equipment, like computers in order to do their jobs.

Find out how Prof. Murray was able to get University of Guelph computers over to Ghana:

The University of Guelph has participated in Leave for Change® for almost seven years and they were the first university or college partner. To date, 37 staff and faculty have been sent to eight different countries to contribute skills and advice to local partner organizations. Learn more about how you can get involved in Uniterra’s Leave for Change® program.

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