This World Refugee Day, Invest in Education.

In 2011 alone over 800,000 people left their home country and became refugees (UNHCR Global Trends Report). Many of them are young men and women who will spend the rest of their lives in a refugee camp, with no access to higher education.


When a student refugee receives an education it opens up a world of opportunity not only for them, but for their family and their community. Show your support on World Refugee Day by donating to WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP).


Our new campaign for the SRP is underway but we need your help to achieve our goal.


We have 77 days before the arrival of our new group of sponsored students. Therefore, this is an opportunity to show your solidarity and commitment to the program.


In the camps, thousands of students are waiting for an opportunity.  Help secure the arrival of refugee students every year. Before September 4th, commit to becoming a monthly donor.


Become a Friend of WUSC, become a monthly donor and help sustain the SRP!


Since 1978, WUSC’s SRP has changed the lives of over 1200 sponsored students and thousands of Canadian student, staff and faculty volunteers like you.


Each year, 87% of the funds needed to operate the program are raised by Canadian students through fundraisers, levies and waivers. Most of these funds are used to cover direct expenses of sponsored students during their first year in Canada which include tuition, residence, food, books and school supplies. However, an essential part of the program is what is needed prior to the student’s arrival. WUSC and its partners provide crucial

1) in-camp support including teachers, language tests, language training material, partner   training, and a reliable application process and

2) in-Canada support including training workshops for student volunteers, material to raise awareness, guidance to volunteers, monitoring and evaluation of sponsorships and students.


Although invisible to the participants, these administration and preparation costs correspond to 13% of the overall funds needed to ensure the success of the program and are the most difficult to secure. WUSC simply cannot continue to bring students without filling the gap to ensure these essential operating expenses. At present, the SRP is operating beyond its financial capacity. WUSC is seeking both long term and short term solutions to sustain the program and ensure its continued growth in years to come. Together, we can achieve our goal!



This is where you come in. 


You can make a difference, become a monthly donor today!


Call Donna at 1-800-267-8699 ext. 3700 or donate online at

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