WUSC Students Kick the Year off at the 2012 Uniterra Leadership Meeting

How do you prepare a Canadian network of 850+ student Local Committee members ready to kick-start the year? You send them to the WUSC-Uniterra Leadership Meeting, that’s how.

On August 17 to the 19th, 77 Local Committee students and WUSC members joined forces to learn more about WUSC and our Uniterra Program. That’s over 60 post-secondary campus groups represented at our special 3 day training and networking event in Ottawa-Gatineau.

Our participants learned through first-hand accounts the positive impact the Student Refugee Program has had on our sponsored students. The students also learned about the strides we’ve made together to support our unique campaigns such as Shine a Light for refugee girls’ education, and discovered exciting overseas student volunteer opportunities through the Uniterra Program. Participants left equipped to become better sponsoring groups, ambassadors of WUSC and leaders on their campuses

New this year, 20 WUSC alumni (past Local Committee members, Sponsored Students or Uniterra volunteers) joined in on the networking! Our WUSC alumni exchanged ideas on how to utilize their past experiences to mentor Local Committees and prepare the foundation of a new WUSC alumni network - an exciting work in progress that our full WUSC membership will hear about in the coming months!

Plan as we may, the Leadership Meeting always holds a few surprises up its sleeves for our participants and staff. Students led a comical Bike for AIDS action in the market, completed our “Great Ottawa Scavenger Hunt” with pizzazz, and helped mark the end of Ramadan with a special Eid Celebration feast. Leadership Meeting 2012 would not have been a resounding success without the energy of our students and the dedication of WUSC staff. We sense a repeat is in the works for the upcoming WUSC International Forum in November...

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