WUSC's 1000th Sponsored Student Thanks You

The following is a thank-you letter written by WUSC's 1000th sponsored student Ritha Abema:


My name is Ritha Bishindo Abemba Mulamba, a WUSC sponsored female student who arrived in Canada in August of 2008, and went to the University of Winnipeg for undergraduate studies. I am writing to express my appreciation to you, WUSC's board of governors, Windle Trust Kenya, and everyone else that was involved in preparing the 2008 WUSC students and making my personal academic dreams come true.

I just graduated in June 2012 from the University of Winnipeg with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Economics, and for having performed excellently in my degree and other undergraduate experience, Queens' and Carleton Universities offered me funding packages to join their graduate studies in economics.

After considering a few factors, I decided to come to Ottawa and accepted Carleton University's Master's of Arts in Economics offer. I couldn't have come this far without the kind actions of each individual donor and efforts of the entire WUSC organization's team.

I am now happy and excited as I await to start my graduate studies in a few weeks here in Ottawa at Carleton University. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, generosity, and commitment to continue touching the lives of many young people in need of academic help.


Top: Ritha in 2008
Left: Ritha with SRP Program Office, Asni Mekonnen - Sept. 2012.

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