WUSC's new Regional Liaison Officers: Supporting our student networks across Canada

WUSC’s student-led Local Committees are gearing up for the school year supporting the Student Refugee Program and WUSC campaigns including Shine a Light and Bike for AIDS. With 75 active committees on campuses across Canada, they can rely on our newest Regional Liaison Officers who will act as the key point people between WUSC Ottawa and our student network. Adam and Marilyne will be there for support and guidance ensuring all Local Committees make a splash on campus this fall. Learn more about them:


Adam recently graduated from the University of Victoria (UVic) with a BA in Political Science and a diploma in Intercultural Education Training. He started volunteering with the WUSC UVic Local Committee in September 2009 after learning about the Student Refugee Program. His experience volunteering with WUSC has developed his strong interests in social justice, education, resettlement, and community development. He continues to be inspired and motivated by WUSC’s emphasis on empowering youth to collaborate and engage as confident and responsible leaders in their communities.

In addition to volunteering with WUSC, Adam has worked and volunteered with local and international non-profits in Victoria, India, and the Philippines. He is very excited to be working alongside and learning from WUSC’s passionate, diverse, and dedicated staff and volunteers for the next eight months.




Marilyne is looking forward to sharing the next year with you! She is finishing her master’s degree in international relations at Université Laval and she is really interested in immigration and refugees issues as well as conflicts and society in Middle East and Maghreb region.

She has been involved with a lot of NGOs before and it is with pleasure that she is joining WUSC in order to be the new Regional Liaison Officer for Quebec and the Atlantic. For her, this wonderful opportunity will give her the possibility to use her background in communication and organization for a cause that really hits close to home.


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