Uniterra One World

WUSC Local Committees have taken inspiring initiative to promote ethical consumption choices in their communities and on their campuses for nearly a decade. It’s time to take it to the next level!

Our world faces increasingly urgent and interconnected challenges that affect us all through our environment and economies, and the most vulnerable are disproportionately affected. As consumers in one of the world’s largest economies, we are in a unique position to drive global change through our individual and collective consumption choices. What a chance to improve our #OneWorld!

Putting our purchasing power to good use

While remembering that every consumption choice we make in Canada can improve the lives of others and the state of our environment, let’s engage academic and business experts from here and abroad, youth leaders and Uniterra volunteers and partners to examine what it means to consume ethically.

Act now

- Organize a Uniterra Symposium to spark a vibrant critical discussion on your campus.
- Encourage your community and student body to share their #EthicalFoodie choices on social media!
- Collaborate with campus administration to create an ethical purchasing policy on your campus.
- Promote ethical holidays, like #Fairtrade Valentine’s Day or Reverse Trick or Treat with ethical products at Halloween.


- InfoSheet (Includes info on organizing a Uniterra Symposia)
- Poster
- Uniterra Program website
- Campus Calendar
- LC Resources page
- Fair Trade Campus

Interested in organizing a Uniterra Symposia or promoting ethical consumption?

Contact your WUSC Regional Liaison Officer (RLO) for more information and support:
Ontario: campusontario@wusc.ca
Quebec & the Atlantic: campuseast@wusc.ca
Prairies & Western Canada: campuswest@wusc.ca

What is the Uniterra Program?

Uniterra is a leading Canadian international development program that is jointly operated by CECI and WUSC. Each year, 600 volunteers contribute their time and experience to positive and lasting change towards a more equitable world by dedicating a few weeks to two years of their lives to international volunteer work. Learn more here.