World Refugee Day 2016

Education ignites the potential of youth.

In refugee contexts, opportunities for youth are few, making their dreams for the future feel far away. Education provides hope for these young refugees and their families to re-ignite their dreams and build a brighter future together.

“WUSC’s Student Refugee Program (SRP) stands out as the only education and resettlement program that provides hope, resources and opportunities for refugee students.”  

Nathaniel Athian Deng, Former sponsored student and recent grad from the University of Regina.

Helping Refugee Students Succeed

WUSC works to expand the opportunities available for quality education to young refugees, from primary to tertiary. 

Through the Kenya Equity Education Project (KEEP), we have reached 58 000+ youth in refugee camps and host communities - including 16 000+ refugee girls - with improved education by addressing the social and cultural barriers that keep them from completing their primary education and accessing secondary school.

Since 1978, WUSC has helped over 1 500 refugees continue their post-secondary education at Canadian universities, colleges, and cegeps, enabling them to build a brighter future for themselves and their families through our unique Student Refugee Program.

Take Action Now

We have partnered with the Humanitarian Coalition on a nation-wide campaign for World Refugee Day. Visit to learn more about how you can get involved. Here are a couple of examples to get started:

Internationally, UNHCR is asking you to stand #WithRefugees. Sign the pledge which will be presented at the UN headquarters in New York for the UN General Assembly on September 19. By signing this pledge, you will stand with us toward ensuring that every refugee youth gets an education.

Make a donation to support education for refugees

  • Give to the Student Refugee Program (SRP) to support the resettlement of refugee youth in Canada and help them pursue their postsecondary education.
  • Give to WUSC to support initiatives such as KEEP and help make education an attainable goal for young refugee girls.


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