Displaced and Refugee Youth Advisory Team


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Displaced and Refugee Youth Advisory Team


In 2020, Mastercard Foundation developed and adopted a new refugee framework to support programming that strengthens the resilience of refugees and displaced young people, their host communities, and the institutions which support them in their educational journey and transition into employment. This strategy builds upon the Foundation’s Young Africa Works Strategy and the commitments to refugee inclusion pledged during the 2019 Global Refugee Forum. 

As part of these efforts, a new collaboration with WUSC will support the Mastercard Foundation to fulfill its commitment to meaningfully include refugee and displaced young people across the Foundation’s work. The Displaced and Refugee youth Enabling Environment Mechanism (DREEM) is a 5-year project that will work towards greater inclusion of refugees and displaced young people across the Foundation’s programming, especially the Scholars Program and Young Africa Works Strategy in Kenya. 

In order to meet the objectives of the Foundation and ensure that DREEM activities are designed and delivered to meet the needs of refugees and displaced young people, an Advisory Team composed of individuals with lived experiences is needed to advise and provide guidance to WUSC, Mastercard Foundation, their stakeholders and program partners. 

The Advisory Team will provide guidance on three key areas of focus that are highlighted in Mastercard Foundation’s Refugee Framework: 

a. Inclusion in Education and Comprehensive support 

b. Improved access to economic opportunities 

c. Strengthen Institutions and Ecosystems 

As Mastercard Foundation also works to implement newly adopted refugee and displaced young people framework strategy, the DREEM project and Advisory Team will ensure that the

design and implementation of the Foundation’s work are informed by and continue to reflect the unique perspectives of displaced and refugee youth. 

Purpose and Key Functions 

The purpose of the Advisory Team is to ensure the inclusion of the perspectives, experiences, needs, aspirations and guidance of refugees, displaced young people, and host community members in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of activities undertaken by the Foundation and its partners. The roles of the Advisory Team will include: 

● Providing overall strategic guidance to ensure alignment of projects with the refugee framework, objectives and expected outcomes of the Foundation as they relate to the inclusion of refugee and displaced young people and host community members; 

● Providing advice and feedback regarding the design and delivery of initiatives and broader systems change to ensure that they are informed by and reflect the perspectives and experiences of refugees and displaced young people and host communities in the country; 

● Providing recommendations on the content and delivery of trainings and workshops; ● Attending events and participating as guest speakers/facilitators on occasion; and ● Supporting the dissemination of information and building linkages and opportunities with other existing networks of refugee and displaced youth. 

Refugee Advisory Team members can expect: 

● To be provided with complete, accurate and meaningful information in a timely manner; ● To be given reasonable time to make key decisions; and 

● Open and honest discussions and feedback; 

● Commitment to reflecting feedback in the design and delivery of initiatives (within the limitations of project scope); and 

● Opportunities for professional development in identified areas of interest in the project. Composition: 

● Membership of the Advisory Team will be determined through an open and transparent process 

● Selection will be done by WUSC according to the qualifications and background of the nominees. 

● The Advisory Team will be composed of up to 12 people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, and ensure that young women (at least 50%) and persons with disabilities are represented within the Team. Considerations will include but not be limited to: ○ Gender 

○ Country of origin 

○ Country of asylum 

○ Current geographic location 

○ Area of expertise

● People appointed to the advisory Team shall meet the following essential criteria: ○ Possess lived experience as a forcibly displaced person or a member of a host community in East Africa; 

○ Be between the ages of 18 – 35 

○ Be able to demonstrate relevant experience or knowledge, abilities and skills related to the mandate of the advisory body; 

○ A clear track record of personal and professional conduct. 


● WUSC will be responsible for convening the Advisory Team and will work with team members to facilitate participatory processes with Team members 

● The Advisory Team will function under the WUSC DREEM Director, and will advise the Foundation and its partners on the 3 key areas of work listed in the Refugee Framework ● WUSC will be responsible for preparing an agenda and taking minutes of each meeting. Advisory Team members will be invited to recommend agenda items prior to each convening. 

● All documents pertaining to the Advisory Team will be kept in a shareable space for each member to access when needed. 

● Team members will be trained on and expected to uphold WUSC’s Code of Conduct ● WUSC and Mastercard Foundation can decide to dissolve the Team or remove a member and reappoint members as required. 

Term and Commitment: 

● Each membership term will be for a period of 2 years and may be renewed for the duration of the project (5 years) on mutual agreement. 

● The Advisory Team will be asked to participate in a minimum of four regular meetings per year, including one in-person meeting that may require travel. 

● The time commitment will vary by team member but in general, Advisory Team Members will be asked to contribute an average of 5 hours per month, depending on the events planned 

● Members may be asked to review publications and other documents developed throughout the project and to participate in additional working sessions of the Foundation throughout the year 

● Key events that advisors may be asked to be available for events such as: ○ Scholars Program Partners Inclusion Working Group Meetings 

○ Scholars Program Partners annual summits 

○ Young Africa Works learning workshops 

○ Refugee and Displaced Youth Leadership Fora 

○ National and regional research mobilization for policy convenings 

○ Mastercard Foundation Alumni network events or any other Mastercard Foundation events or activities 

Remuneration and costs:

● Membership is on a voluntary basis; 

● In recognition of their contributions to the DREEM project’s strategy, work plans, and research, policy and communications products and convenings, members will receive a small honorarium; 

● Expenses related to participation in meetings and/or project activities, such as travel and accommodations will be reimbursed; and 

● Members will be provided with professional development opportunities during their term. 

Key competencies: 

● Ability to offer critical, constructive advice and feedback 

● Capacity to work in a team context 

● Passion for giving back to their communities 

● Commitment to youth leadership 

● Demonstrated leadership in their communities 

Applicants are encouraged to share their CVs and a letter of interest here by February 21, 2021. 

For any questions, please contact [email protected]

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