International Seminar 2022 closing ceremony
International Seminar 2022 closing ceremony

Economic Inclusion for Refugee Youth Symposium

A collaboration between refugees and allies to drive systemic change.

WUSC’s work throughout the years has always focused on empowering and amplifying the voices of refugees. From their drive to further their education to their entrepreneurial endeavors, we have seen time and time again how refugees positively contribute to, impact and enrich their communities across Canada and around the world. 

Join us as we bring together the participants of the 76th WUSC International Seminar, a group of young refugees and refugee allies from Malawi, Kenya, Uganda and Canada to reflect on economic inclusion and systemic change. 

If you are interested in global collaboration towards enabling and empowering environments for welcoming and inclusive economies, join us online for this Economic Inclusion for Refugee Youth Symposium on June 17, 2022

Register here today for this free event that will take place from 9am EDT and feature speakers and participants spanning across 4 time zones. 

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