Remembering Akanyang Kelaotswe (1986 – 2008)

Photo of Akanyang KelaotsweAkanyang Kelaotswe was one of the first South-North volunteers of the Uniterra programme.

Testimonial from Canadian partner André Beaune, of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired Training Centre which had hosted Akanyang during her internship in Canada:

Akanyang was a beautiful presence at our side along her stay amongst us, a stay we found too short to go deeper into things and exchange more.

Beneath her frail and reserved appearance, we discovered an engaging person, despite the language barrier; at first, her faith surprised us, but after a while we realized that what she most wished for was to help others.

In her daily professional work, we found her to be very bright, reliable and mature despite her young age, with an innate sense of professionalism coupled with a huge talent, as well as the need, always present, to do well.

May her determination, perseverance and courage that honor the African Woman be an example to all. Ke itumetse Akanyang, your experience amongst us was a very enriching exchange for all.

Good bye, Akanyang, we are happy and proud to have met you.

Tsamaya sentle,

The whole team