Remembering Daun Kennedy (1947 – 2012)

Photo of Daun KennedyDaun Kennedy — March 9, 1947 to April 18, 2012

Our dear friend and colleague Daun Kennedy passed away on April 18, 2012 at the age of 65 after a battle with cancer.

More than anyone, Daun understood the history and embodied the essence of WUSC.

In her 30 years at WUSC Daun touched so many of us with her creative talents and her gift for words.  Daun was a firm believer in our mission of education for all. She herself had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Daun held many positions at WUSC since 1980. She started as the librarian in charge of the WUSC document centre, but you may remember her as the international seminar coordinator in the Leeward and Windward Islands, the alumni officer or the local committee liaison. Her last role was as our publications officer where she captured many of WUSC’s stories and successes as the editor of our newsletter and as our webmaster.

She was our house photographer and video editor. Her discerning eye is revealed in her photos and the perfect cadence of her voice is immortalized in her audio voice-overs.

A natural storyteller, Daun had the ability to draw out poignant stories and anecdotes by letting others express themselves through her writing. She possessed great compassion and had the ability to elevate others and foster their natural talent without ever getting in the way; she connected with people at a deeper level than most.

We will miss you Daun, your helpful nature, your soothing smile, your gentle knowing ways.

We will speak of your yellow shoes, your bowls of leafy noodle soup, the pen behind your ear, the camera stringed around your neck, the coffee mug forgotten on our desks, your signature smiley faces on posted notes, and the big office downstairs where you kept 50 years of videos and photos, and where you listened to CBC Radio.  You knew who everyone was and where everything was.

You silently snuck away from us, in your unassuming and quiet way, and we will miss you dear friend.