Remembering Rosina Mahlangu (1990 – 2016)

On behalf of the WUSC network, we wish to extend our heartfelt sympathies and condolences to family and friends following the tragic passing of Rosina Mahlangu in Malawi in August of 2016. A dynamic young woman and committed volunteer, Rosina left us far too soon.

Rosina’s impressive CV immediately caught the eye of WUSC: An entrepreneur, a graduate with a BA in law and business, a fashionista with her own consulting company, a year studying in Barbados, a young woman driven by the desire to share her expertise in Malawi – Rosina’s interests were diverse and she threw herself wholeheartedly into everything she did.

As early as her group pre-departure training, Rosina stood out. She was eager to participate and collaborate with fellow volunteers. She had a voice that carried, and an infectious laugh. Moreover, her unique personality was equally matched by her unique fashion sense, which was a big part of who she was. Rosina was deeply admired by those around her.

Rosina made a significant contribution to the Uniterra program during her time as an international volunteer in Malawi, from the day she started right until the end of her assignment in February 2016. She played a pivotal role in WUSC’s collaboration with our local partner, Zoona Mobile, to support their expansion into Malawi, and the related economic empowerment of women and youth. Rosina was truly dedicated and enjoyed working with the team so much so that she chose to stay on the project even after her mandate with Uniterra had ended.

Rosina took on the role of Advisor to train Zoona youth agents and build their capacity in anti-money laundering techniques and business management. She was also the liaison between Zoona and the Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM) to ensure that all registration requirements were met. Jared Worley, Zoona Malawi Country Manager, credited the securing of a permanent license to Rosina’s support.

After her Uniterra mandate, Rosina provided us with the following advice to future volunteers: “Focus less on your own personal needs and more on what the (local partner) organization requires.” It is this exemplary approach that clearly highlights her dedication to her work in Malawi and her commitment to help create sustainable futures for local partners.

Volunteers remember Rosina as hard-working, quick to adapt to life in Malawi, and quick to make friends and connections. Rosina touched many lives for the better, and was greatly appreciated and admired by all who worked with her. We are all very saddened by this loss. Our thoughts go out to family and friends during this difficult time.