International Volunteer Day 2022

International Volunteer Day

Since 1985, International Volunteer Day has been held every year on December 5th, a day founded to celebrate the contributions of volunteers to global development. Volunteers are at the heart of social change around the world, and this day honours their hard work, commitment and time that they dedicate to making the world a better place to live in. This year’s International Volunteer Day is focused on the theme of solidarity through volunteering. 

In keeping with this theme, WUSC, in collaboration with several other Canadian organizations, are hosting a free, virtual webinar where you will hear the personal stories of volunteers and local partners, discuss the emerging issues in international cooperation, and learn more about how volunteering plays a key role. 

Join us on December 5th from 12pm to 1pm EST to hear first hand accounts of what it’s like to be an international volunteer, and how their work supports local organizations’ goals to create a better, more sustainable and equitable future for all. 

Click here to register today! 


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