International Forum 2021 - Save the date, February 7 to March 6.

Shaping our Future: Reimagining a Better World

Save the Date for our 10th annual International Forum where the best ideas and practices for global development are shared!

When: 7 February – 6 March 2021

Where: Online!

The pandemic, climate change, and global demonstrations on racism and justice have shone a spotlight on inequality and exclusion around the world. While many are impacted by these crises and conversations, we are not all experiencing them equally.

Across all sectors of society, all geographies and all generations, this moment has forced us to pause and reflect. We are at a crossroads, where the actions or inaction we take today will be felt for decades to come.

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to truly change the status quo and create a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world.

This past year we saw that actions once deemed impossible are possible. The pandemic has mobilized unprecedented cooperation between many actors, including often unheard voices. This collaboration has led to the rapid development of vaccines and treatments, and behaviour changes that reduce the spread of the virus. The pandemic has highlighted that societies can act quickly and decisively, and that, through meaningful inclusion we will find the ideas and innovation we need. We can combat climate change. We can do more to fight racism and promote diversity. We can be part of the solution.

This past year has also reminded us of our vulnerability to accelerated global change. Rebuilding efforts must ensure continued adaptability and resilience in the face of future challenges and opportunities. The loudest and most powerful voices will look for a ‘return to normal.’ We must be louder. We must support our youth and other often unheard voices to keep the momentum brought on by this current crisis.

Join us online throughout the month of February as we hear from youth and the people who support them—representing community mobilizers, researchers, development practitioners, business leaders, and more—on their vision for new global futures that truly redefine our status quo.

Activities will be spread out across each week, including webinars, small group discussions, and more! Read more here and stay tuned for more details.

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