Some Good News

Quyen Dam (Some Good News)

Quyen Dam

Meet Quyen Dam, a long-time WUSC volunteer and e-volunteer from Saugeen Shores in Ontario. Since 2018, he has been taking on different volunteer opportunities with WUSC through WUSC’s Volunteer Cooperation Program (VCP). The VCP program is a government-funded program that offers skilled Canadians the opportunity to participate in Canada’s international development assistance efforts while working…
Lizzie Muyawa Dube (Some Good News)

Lizzie Muyawa Dube

Meet Lizzie Muyawa Dube, Student Refugee Program (SRP) Officer at the WUSC country office in Lilongwe, Malawi. The SRP program strives to provide young refugees with life-changing opportunities to continue their education on Canadian campuses and build a better future for themselves and their families. Lizzie shares with us how, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, she…
Megan Chan (Some Good News)

Megan Chan

Meet Megan Chan, a WUSC e-volunteer based in Vancouver, BC, and providing communication support to one of our partners, the Center for Development and Integration (CDI) in Hanoi, Vietnam. CDI is a Vietnamese non-government, non-profit organization working for the rights of the disadvantaged groups [including women and people living under the poverty line] to build…
Ammar Moussa (Some Good News)

Ammar Moussa

Meet Ammar Moussa, a Student Refugee Program (SRP) alumnus who recently received his Canadian citizenship through a virtual ceremony, and consistently finds ways to stay involved in his community. He tells us about his journey from his arrival to becoming a citizen in Canada. Ammar arrived in Canada in 2016, and immediately joined the Local…
Siyad Maalim (Some Good News)

Siyad Maalim

Meet Siyad Maalim, a Student Refugee Program (SRP) alumnus contributing to the community in the Dadaab refugee camps. He created a YouTube channel named SOMA ACADEMY with the goal of making math simple for students in the refugee camps. “Recently after [the] COVID-19 lockdown, I started thinking about my sister and my brother in Dadaab…
Lena Xin Xiang (Some Good News)

Lena Xin Xiang

Meet Lena Xin Xiang, a former WUSC volunteer, who quit her corporate job last summer to volunteer with WUSC for a year in Vietnam. While in Vietnam, Lena worked on an internationalization strategy with higher education institutions in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). “When I first joined WUSC, I was struggling to believe…
Gesine Freund (Some Good News)

Gesine Freund

Meet Gesine Freund, an avid runner and WUSC employee who combines her passion for running, and organizing events and fundraisers to support charitable causes. In the last year, Gesine has been organizing awareness and fundraiser campaigns in support of the Student Refugee Program (SRP) – a unique, peer-to-peer sponsorship program that enables young refugees to…
Kai & Phoenix (Some Good News)

Kai and Phoenix Bramley

Meet brothers, Kai (age 10) and Phoenix (age 6), who are participating in this year’s Ride for Refuge – a family-friendly fundraiser that supports charities like WUSC who provide hope and refuge for some of the world’s most vulnerable people.  On October 3, Kai and Phoenix will be scooting 5km each – from one skatepark…
Alice Ishimwe (Some Good News)

Alice Ishimwe

Meet Alice Ishimwe, e-volunteer and WUSC Local Committee member at McGill University. As the volunteer Durable Solutions Officer, Alice is currently facilitating the pre-departure program for 18 refugee students who will be arriving in Canada from Malawi and Tanzania through our Student Refugee Program.