Lena Xin Xiang (Some Good News)

The #WUSCSomeGoodNews initiative features stories of positivity and hope of people who are making a difference in Canada and around the world, particularly during this pandemic.

Lena Xin Xiang

Meet Lena Xin Xiang, a former WUSC volunteer, who quit her corporate job last summer to volunteer with WUSC for a year in Vietnam.

While in Vietnam, Lena worked on an internationalization strategy with higher education institutions in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

“When I first joined WUSC, I was struggling to believe in my own ability to effect change through my work. What started as a personal development project turned into so much more. Through my mandate, I found a community that inspired me to take action and encouraged my vision in shaping a more connected world,” Lena tells us.

This year, Lena has taken her knowledge and skills learned during her mandate to the next level. In light of many student mobility programs being cancelled, Lena developed a virtual exchange and community program:

Open Classroom Experience, a unique 10-week experience that integrates professional development with virtual international engagement.

The end goal of this digital platform is to empower global minded young leaders through the establishment of an inclusive community such that every student gets to gain meaningful international experience regardless of academic background or financial capabilities.

“Our goal at Open Classroom Experience is to create a digital community – not limited by physical boundaries – built for global-minded young leaders to convene, connect, and exchange. Through this cross-cultural initiative, we hope to motivate young people to listen and celebrate what is both common and different. Thereby, fostering a wiser, more inclusive and better society,” Lena says.

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