Digital Marketing Advisor (E-volunteer)

Uganda (Remote)

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Partner Name: Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Ltd

E-volunteer Location: Canada

Partner Location: Uganda

Duration: 4-5 months

Time Commitment : 10-15 hours per week (Flexible)

Context for the Assignment:

Are you passionate about advancing economic opportunities for women?

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, UWEAL’s focus was on building capacity of member organizations to increase trade, access capital and operationalize their new strategic plan. In the current COVID-19 context, most of the member organizations are struggling to market their products due to limited knowledge on digital marketing. There is limited support from UWEAL head office since only one staff member is endowed with digital marketing skills. As the Digital Marketing Advisor e-volunteer with Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association LTD, you will strengthen the organization’s ability to support their member’s digital marketing needs and navigate the transition to online business marketing.

Apply today to work on an exciting initiative that will change the lives of thousands of women in Uganda


  • Review current digital marketing strategies used by members and advise how to enhance these approaches based on the newest technological trends and insights
  • Work with UWEAL to create targeted digital marketing tools and webinars to be used by member organizations
  • Train key personnel at UWEAL on ways to optimize digital marketing tools and enhance social media presence
  • Participate in pre-assignment online training
  • Undertake public engagement and fundraising activities before, during, and after their volunteer assignment. You will be equipped with tools, training, and support to achieve these goals
  • Ensure that a gender equality lens is consistently applied in the execution of all activities
  • Support partners to empower young women and promote a culture of gender sensitive representation in all activities and program benefits
  • Co-develop an e-volunteer work plan using WUSC volunteer work plan template
  • Participate in organizational and project improvement activities such as surveys, assessments and learning/planning sessions;
  • Submit volunteer timesheets, reports and deliverables as required by WUSC and
  • Support country office staff in program related activities, when necessary.


  • Degree and/or training in marketing or a related field
  • Experience in digital marketing, social media and online content creation
  • Knowledge of Business to Business (B2) marketing
  • Familiarity with social media analytics and SEO optimization
  • Experience in developing Google Adwords and webinars an asset
  • Ability to think strategically and analytically
  • Experience with group facilitation and trainings, including content development
  • Ability to work independently as part of a remote working group
  • Comfortable using online working platforms
  • Access to a reliable internet connection
  • A commitment to gender equality, youth inclusion, and international volunteering
  • Experience in capacity building, research and writing skills
  • Flexibility, adaptability, excellent interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity
  • Written and oral fluency in English
  • Experience living and working internationally is a strong asset.


Partner Description:

Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Ltd (UWEAL) is a limited company established with the aim of promoting women entrepreneurs in Uganda. It is a membership organization currently with a membership of 24,000 organized into 26 groups and 57 chapters. Members of the organization include; individual women, women groups, corporate members and districts (Chapters) in different sectors like education, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, art and crafts, textiles and trade. UWEAL is firmly placed in the private sector to assist and provide necessary support and guidance to women entrepreneurs and to advocate for favorable policies through which women entrepreneurs can flourish. UWEAL offers services such as networking, capacity building advocacy, mentoring and business counselling. These activities carried out by UWEAL have seen the empowerment of over one million people in Uganda.

WUSC’s Safeguarding Policy:

WUSC’s activities seek to balance inequities and create sustainable development around the globe; the work ethic of our staff, volunteers, representatives and partners shall correspond to the values and mission of the organization. WUSC promotes responsibility, respect, honesty, and professional excellence and we will not tolerate harassment, coercion and sexual exploitation and abuse of any form. Successful applicants will be required to sign off on the WUSC Code of Conduct and the Self-Disclosure Form.

Your work building capacity towards more resilient and inclusive economies is needed now more than ever! Though we have temporarily closed our offices globally, WUSC continues to work with our partners around the world, including through the support of e-volunteers residing in Canada. You can work remotely from your kitchen table and still make an impact through WUSC’s NEW e-volunteering program! See available e-volunteer opportunities below and click here for our e-volunteer FAQ.

We are also currently recruiting people with Canadian citizenship or permanent residence status - or people with citizenship or permanent residence status in countries in Africa or Asia - who are presently living in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Malawi, Sri Lanka or Vietnam. If this is your case, apply today specifying your current country of residence.

International Departures - On Hold

If you are currently residing in Canada and interested in volunteering internationally with us, we still want to hear from you! We are continuing to recruit for open international volunteer positions, though departures are on hold until September 2021. We will not send international volunteers until we are fully confident that it is safe to do so.

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