Youth and Entrepreneurship Advisor

Sri Lanka

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Canadian International Volunteer
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Open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada only
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Youth and Entrepreneurship Advisor
Talawakelle Tea Estates PLC
Sri Lanka
6 to 12 months (flexible)
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Assignment Context

Are you dedicated to advancing youth participation globally? Do you experience working with young entrepreneurs? If so, this might be the role for you!

As the Youth and Entrepreneurship Advisor with Talawakelle Tea Estate in Sri Lanka, you will contribute to the creation of inclusive entrepreneurship opportunities for poor and marginalized young women of the tea estates. You will provide support with research, training program design, partnership development, analysis, and strategies for youth inclusion. As the Youth and Entrepreneurship Advisor you will assess the current action plan and propose new ideas to carry out the organization’s empowerment and inclusion agenda.  

Apply now to support youth and young women in entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka! 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the development of a youth-inclusion or youth engagement strategy to increase the participation and involvement of young people 
  • Share best practices with staff by providing training on the development and implementation of strategies and tools for youth engagement, inclusion and entrepreneurship 
  • Support in the design of social and entrepreneur skills training targeted to youth and young women, and help create links to relevant resources to increase the likelihood of setting up a business venture
  • Provide guidance and support to partner organizations on youth responsive initiatives and provide support in building strategic relationships with youth-led organizations
  •  Support partners to empower young women and promote a culture of gender sensitive representation in all activities and program benefits.
  • Work with the partner to not only mitigate environmental risk, but also identify opportunities to engage in greener programing
  • Participate in pre-assignment training
  • Participate in at least 3 public engagement initiatives before, during, or after the assignment. Volunteers will be equipped with the tools, training, and support to achieve these goals. Volunteers will also have one virtual check-in with the Public Engagement Officer throughout the course of their assignment.
  • Set up a personalized volunteer fundraising page on the WUSC fundraising platform and share it in your networks. Volunteers will be supported with the tools, training and support to achieve the fundraising goal.
  • Ensure that a gender equality lens is consistently applied in the execution of all activities.
  • Support partners to empower young women and promote a culture of gender sensitive representation in all activities and program benefits.
  • Submit reports as required by the partner organization and by WUSC.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Degree and/or formal education in social sciences, international development or any other relevant field
  • Experience in developing strategies for youth engagement and inclusion
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, professionalism and diplomacy
  • Strong analytical skills and capacity to translate complex concepts into accessible information
  • Experience working with entrepreneurship activities or incubator hubs considered an assetA commitment to gender equality, youth inclusion, and international volunteering.
  • Flexibility, adaptability, excellent interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity
  • Experience with group facilitation and trainings, including content development considered an asset
  • Experience living and working internationally considered an asset.
  • Written and oral fluency in English.

Project Description

Volunteering for development is one of the important ways in which WUSC pursues its mission. The IGNI+E project, funded by Global Affairs Canada, supports over 70 partner organizations to advance gender equality and the economic empowerment of 1.2 million youth around the world. IGNI+E harnesses the knowledge, capacity and expertise of skilled Canadians through volunteer assignments and public engagement activities to assist partners in improving their performance, advocating for gender equality, and implementing more sustainable, innovative and inclusive initiatives and services for poor and marginalised youth, particularly young women. Overseas, our volunteers collaborate with a wide variety of partners, including enterprise and social enterprise development incubators, skills training centres, women's organizations, and youth groups. In Canada, WUSC works with institutions and individuals to identify, prepare, and support volunteers who travel overseas to support our partners. Our network in Canada also works with WUSC to raise awareness among Canadians to inspire greater action on global development issues. Our collective focus is on sustainable and inclusive changes to create a better world for youth.

Partner Description

Talawakelle Tea Estate PLC (TTEPLC) is a subsidiary of Hayleys, that produces and markets teas, while aiming to drive sustainable growth by contributing to the conservation of the environment. Learning and development is a vital component of the company’s human capital development agenda. The dynamic environment in which the company operates requires that it proactively anticipates future competencies in order to sustain the HR strategy. Therefore, it is essential to harness the potential of the organization’s people by training and developing their skills to better manage challenges and boost operations. To determine optimum levels of productivity and optimize the use of resources, TTEPLC regularly reviews the competencies of the work-force in an effort to improve the alignment of employee skills with strategic requirements and to build a culture of exceptional performance.

Support Package

  • Support and guidance from the WUSC Volunteer Mobilization Team prior to departure and from WUSC Country Team while on assignment
  • Pre-departure training to learn about the volunteering for development program, gain practical skills for living and working in an intercultural context and network with other volunteers
  • In-country orientation upon arrival in country of assignment
  • Language training in country of assignment, where required
  • Modest monthly living and accommodation allowance
  • Airfare to and from the assignment country
  • Visa/work permit
  • Pre-departure medical exam
  • Health insurance
  • Vaccinations and antimalarial medication
  • COVID-19 PCR testing
  • Criminal record verification
  • Vacation leave entitlement
  • Debriefing after completion of assignment
  • Support for accompanying spouse and dependents for assignments of 12 months or longer
  • An incredible opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to global development, enhance your professional skills and participate in an experience of a lifetime!

WUSC’s Safeguarding Policy

WUSC’s activities seek to balance inequities and create sustainable development around the globe; the work ethic of our staff, volunteers, representatives and partners shall correspond to the values and mission of the organization. WUSC promotes responsibility, respect, honesty, and professional excellence and we will not tolerate harassment, coercion and sexual exploitation and abuse of any form. Successful applicants will be required to sign off on the WUSC Code of Conduct and the Self-Disclosure Form. International and national volunteers will also be required to submit a criminal record verification.

WUSC is a signatory to the Cooperation Canada Leaders’ Pledge on Preventing and Addressing Sexual Misconduct. The pledge represents the shared commitment as Canada’s global development and humanitarian leaders to ensure the full implementation of practices and policies that will protect and respond to our own staff, volunteers and the communities we serve. We are committed to creating safe and respectful workplaces and programs that promote gender equality and are free from gender-based violence, including by addressing and responding to all abuse of power, holding people to account, and protecting the vulnerable. Read the full pledge.

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