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Student Refugee Program

Start a Sponsoring Committee

WUSC Local Committees on campus play a vital role in the Student Refugee Program (SRP). By committing to sponsor a student refugee, they are responsible for providing financial and social support for the first 12 months from the time the sponsored student arrives in Canada.

Some roles and responsibilities of sponsoring Local committees include:

  • Negotiating with their college or university administration to reduce or waive the sponsored student's tuition, residence and meal plan fees
  • lead campaigns to introduce or increase levies on tuition fees to support the SRP
  • solicit other donations and in-kind contributions
  • welcome the sponsored students when they arrive and help them adjust to life in Canada
  • assist the student in registering for courses and accessing campus, health, and other services

Want to start a Sponsoring Committee?

Before deciding to become a Sponsoring Committee, WUSC strongly recommends that you to identify a faculty/staff advisor to help guide you. Advisors help ensure the long-term sustainability of the SRP by providing guidance and continuity to your committee from year to year.

  1. If one doesn't already exist on your campus, start a WUSC Local Committee.
  2. Assess your financial capacity to sponsor a student refugee.
  3. Approach other students as well as faculty and staff to determine the level of interest in the SRP on campus.
  4. Create your fundraising strategy and begin planning your SRP Awareness Activities.
  5. Develop your sponsorship plan

We offer many resources to help new and existing Local Committees get involved in the SRP.


Sponsor a Student Refugee

Through the SRP, you can help a student refugee resettle in Canada to pursue his or her studies, and move on with their lives. It's a program that changes their life and yours, as you gain hands-on, real-life experience in refugee sponsorship and open doors to get involved in development issues.

As student-sponsoring WUSC Local Committees on campus, you play a vital role in making the Student Refugee Program a success. WUSC Sponsoring Local Committees are responsible for providing financial and social support for a minimum of twelve months from the time the student arrives on campus.

  • Financial support includes basic living and academic costs such as rent, food, clothes, tuition fees and books. The full cost of sponsorship varies between campuses. Some committees also provide financial support beyond the first year. (See the Guide for Sponsoring Local Committees for more details.)
  • Social support includes helping the sponsored students adapt to life in Canada and the Canadian education system. For instance, committee members welcome the sponsored students when they arrive, help them settle in, and assist with registering for courses and accessing campus, health and other services.

A variety of partners are also involved in the sponsorship process, from WUSC's overseas partners to the Government of Canada, International Organization for Migration (IOM), government from asylum countries and local Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) offices.


Ready to sponsor or renew your sponsorship?

For more support and guidance throughout the sponsorship year, read the Guide for Sponsoring Local Committees and visit our SRP Resources page.

We're here to help you. Questions? Contact Michelle Manks.

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