WUSC Local Committee members at UBC raise awareness about the Student Refugee Program on their campus
WUSC Local Committee members at UBC raise awareness about the Student Refugee Program on their campus

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Join a WUSC Local Committee

WUSC Local Committees are collaborative, campus-based groups of students, faculty, staff, and alumni who support our awareness-raising efforts and participate in our Student Refugee Program. Active at more than 90 universities, colleges, and CEGEPs across the country, WUSC’s Local Committees make up the largest network of student groups of its kind in Canada.

WUSC believes in the power of young people to shape the world around them. With the right tools, youth can make a difference today and for years to come. By participating in a WUSC Local Committee, students are equipped with the resources, training, and experience to contribute to sustainable global development.

What Local Committees Do

  • Foster global citizenship and leadership by educating their peers and raising awareness on a range of development issues, reaching tens of thousands of people every year.
  • Provide postsecondary education opportunities for refugees on Canadian campuses through the Student Refugee Program.
  • Connect their peers on campus and in their communities with global development issues and international volunteer opportunities.

Local Committees Across Canada

Join a Local Committee

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    Check the map above to see if a Local Committee already exists at your post-secondary institution.

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    Contact [email protected] for more information and to get connected.

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    If there is no Local Committee on your campus, start one!

Start a Local Committee

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    Contact [email protected] to receive resources for getting started.

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    Register as an official group or association on your campus.

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    Set up an email, recruit members, and find a place for regular meetings.

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    Hold your first meeting and start planning activities on your campus!

Join a WUSC Campaign

Make a difference in the world without leaving home.


Through the InterConnexions campaign, WUSC is celebrating people who are taking everyday actions, big and small, to create change around the world. Individual contributions such as volunteering, supporting refugee resettlement in Canada, or joining this campaign can have a big impact globally.

All girls deserve access to education. Take action locally to support girls in crisis situations globally.

Her Future

Through the Her Future campaign, WUSC is contributing to girls’ empowerment to pursue educational pathways in crisis-affected areas. Canadians and people living in Canada can take small, everyday actions to have a tangible impact on the lives of girls in fragile, conflict and crisis situations globally.

Host a WUSC Fundraiser

We believe that everyone has what it takes to raise awareness about important global issues, and ask friends and family to join them in supporting great causes. If you have an important milestone in your life, whether it’s celebrating a birthday or running a marathon, you can choose a fund at WUSC that aligns with your values and ask your network to show their love by donating to your fundraiser. Or, if you join a WUSC Campaign and host an event that educates and engages your network, you can easily add a fundraising component. Your advocacy about global issues that matter to you is very likely to inspire people to give to WUSC programs that are making a difference. Contact [email protected] to receive resources for getting started.