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Volunteer Internationally

You have the skills we’re looking for. Your expertise could help advance education, economic opportunities, and gender equality for young people globally.

Are you looking for an opportunity to utilize your skills in a meaningful and impactful way? Your professional experience can make a significant difference to youth around the world when you volunteer internationally with WUSC. Whether you are an early-career, mid-career, or retired professional, you can give your time and share your expertise in support of development programs that improve education, economic, and empowerment opportunities for youth globally.

As an international volunteer, you will collaborate with a WUSC country program partner, such as a non-governmental organization working in youth economic opportunities, an organization in the public or private sector, or a social enterprise in one of 10 countries across Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean to co-create youth-inclusive, gender-responsive and market-relevant initiatives, programs and services. Since our first international volunteers were placed in 1977, WUSC has provided over 10,000 Canadians with high quality, rewarding, and safe volunteer opportunities that have an impact. What will your contribution be?

International Volunteer Departures to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean Have Resumed!

International volunteer departures to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean have resumed since Canada lifted its general non-essential travel restriction: https://travel.gc.ca/travelling/advisories.

View our international volunteer and e-volunteer opportunities here and apply today. Now more than ever, we need your support!

E-Volunteer with an International Partner

You can use your career experience to improve opportunities for youth globally by e-volunteering part-time or full-time from Canada. As an e-volunteer, you will share your skills and experience remotely with colleagues from a non-governmental, public or private sector organization, or a social enterprise partner based in a country in Africa, Asia or the Caribbean. Together, you’ll co-create youth-inclusive, gender-responsive and market-relevant initiatives, programs and services to improve education, economic opportunities, and empowerment for young people globally. To learn how your expertise can have an impact through an e-volunteering assignment, view our current opportunities. Or read more about e-volunteering in our e-volunteering FAQs.

Why Volunteer with WUSC?

Trusted Partners

Trusted Partners

Our partner selection process draws upon our established global networks and our understanding of the contexts in the countries where we work. We prioritize partner values, mission, and sustainability to ensure that together we can have an impact in improving youth education, economic opportunities, and gender equality and that you have a rewarding learning experience with lasting results.

Robust Training and Support

Training and Support

Prior to the start of your assignment, you will participate in our e-learning, self-briefing, and live training program that prepares you for your volunteer experience. Whether you are volunteering internationally or e-volunteering, our experienced WUSC country program staff support you with professional and cultural guidance, logistics, and safety and security.

Accommodation and Living Allowances

Support Package

To reduce the financial barriers of international volunteering, we cover your training, travel, accommodation and a modest living allowance. Medical insurance and international emergency assistance services are provided to keep you healthy and safe.

A Rewarding Experience

A Rewarding Experience

By volunteering with WUSC, you can use your professional skills to improve opportunities for youth globally. You will see the world from a new angle and gain a greater understanding of global issues. You will be embedded within established initiatives where you can have an impact in creating a better world for all young people.

Looking for more information? Check out our volunteering Frequently Asked Questions for international volunteers and e-volunteers.