Host a fundraiser

Are you running a marathon and want to raise funds for a good cause? Do you have an important milestone in your life coming up? A birthday, wedding or graduation is a great moment to ask friends and family to make a gift that changes the world for the better. Are you hosting an event to inform your community about an important global issue? Encourage them to take action by donating!

Whatever your reason for hosting a fundraiser, WUSC can help you by providing a fundraising platform. This easy-to-use platform helps you to manage, thank and provide receipts to your donors, making the giving experience rewarding for everyone.

Learn more about the three main funds that you can fundraise for and get started today by registering your page

WUSC Highest Priority

Your donations are used where they are needed most to help youth overcome inequality and exclusion in over 15 countries around the world. Learn more

Student Refugee Program

Your donations are used to increase opportunities for resettlement and higher education for refugee youth. Learn more

Girls’ Education

Your donations are used to provide key inputs to girls living in refugee camps and host communities so that they can stay in school. Learn more