Protecting refugees through resettlement and education

April 4th marks Refugee Rights Day in Canada and WUSC is Proud to Protect Refugees through our Student Refugee Program. The SRP is the only program in the world that combines resettlement with post-secondary education, providing refugee students with the opportunity to achieve their academic goals in a safe learning environment.

Spread the word this Refugee Rights Day!


Download our special WUSC Refugee Rights Day cover photo and post it on your personal page.

Local Committees: Post a photo on your Facebook that represents your involvement with the Student Refugee Program (ex. Arrival photos, fundraisers, activities with sponsored students) with the caption: “This is how we protect refugees!” You can further describe the photo and explain how your committee is passionate about the SRP.


Tweet out these important messages from your personal or LC Twitter account:

Visit the Refugee Rights Day page to find out more activities you can do on Refugee Rights Day.

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