Leah Katerberg

A farmer tells her story – with a little help from WUSC’s PROPEL team

Ayodele Sampson had managed to make it 40 years without ever having to speak in public. It was understandable, then, for the Guyanese farmer to feel very nervous as she stood behind the podium and looked out at a sea of unfamiliar faces, mostly government and private sector agriculture officials. She quickly spotted the WUSC…

Unleashing the Potential of the Caribbean Agri-Sector through a Market Systems Approach

By Doug Graham, PROPEL Project Director “Disruptive Innovation. Trigger innovation and market stimulus from the sidelines. Avoid being in the middle of a transaction.” Key words of wisdom for the implementation of a market systems approach (MSA). Over the last few years, I have heard increasing buzz about the application of MSA in development. As…

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