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5 Reasons to Volunteer Overseas with WUSC in 2017

1. You can make a meaningful contribution to global development.

Volunteering with one of WUSC’s current development programs means directly contributing to positive change in a developing country. Volunteers support our efforts in ways that no other actors can, as they work alongside our local partners.

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Over 95% of our local partners with Uniterra say they are satisfied by the contributions our volunteers make to their work.

2. You can challenge yourself in new ways.

As an international volunteer, you can gain as much than you give. You can learn a new skill, be it technical or cross-cultural. You can gain a greater understanding of the realities facing people in developing communities. You can make professional connections and personal friendships that last a lifetime.

“From a professional standpoint, three characteristics have proved essential to my work here in Tarapoto, in the Peruvian Amazon: resourcefulness, creativity and adaptation. Three qualities – I realize it today – that had never really been solicited in my previous experiences, where I was rather asked to respond effectively to specific objectives.” -Elizabeth Laval, Gender Advisor, Uniterra, Peru

3. WUSC is an organization you can trust.

There are many ways for Canadians to volunteer overseas these days. Sometimes, it can be difficult to choose the organization that is right for you. When you join WUSC, you are joining an organization that has been implementing international volunteer programs since the 1940s, with a well-established presence in the countries where we operate. Our programs are grounded in decades of experience and solid development practice. Over 10,000 individuals have chosen to volunteer with WUSC over the years.

4. International volunteering is a resolution you can actually keep.

It’s easy to apply! Visit https://wusc.ca/en/volunteer-overseas to find a volunteer opportunity that meets your unique skills and expertise. New opportunities are added year round that respond to the needs of a variety of our partners overseas. Keep checking back for the opportunity that is right for you.

Ninety percent of our Uniterra volunteers say they are satisfied with all aspects of their postings, and over 90% indicate that they have acquired new knowledge about intercultural dimensions and new professional skills.

5. Your support is needed now more than ever.

In 2016, we saw a lot of progress for global development, but much more remains to be done. As others seek to close their doors to the world around them, you can help ensure Canadians remain at the forefront of international cooperation efforts. Volunteer and show the world what Canadian generosity and solidarity looks like.

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