World Refugee Day 2018

Congratulations to the class of 2018!

On this year’s World Refugee Day, join us in celebrating the achievements of our most recent Student Refugee Program (SRP) graduates.

Over the past four years, 437 refugee youth were welcomed onto Canadian campuses through the SRP. Because of your support, many of these students are now graduating and taking the next steps on their journey toward a brighter future for themselves and their families.

A recent survey revealed that 94% of students who came to Canada through the SRP completed their degree.

Since it began in 1978, the SRP has supported over 1,800 young refugees in their journey toward education and a better life for themselves and their families.

As the program continues to grow, we look forward to welcoming 130 bright, young refugee students to Canada this fall.

You can help us support more refugee youth reach their graduation day. Your gift today will help the class of 2022.



Meet some of our 2018 Graduates


Photo of Alaa TurkiAlaa Turki

Alaa was born in Syria. She fled to Lebanon by herself during the Civil War, like so many other Syrians, while her family stayed behind.

It was Alaa’s father who passed on his passion for education to her. Her father was an educated and knowledgeable man who provided her family with a beautiful life until 2010. Within six months, Alaa’s life changed drastically, when she not only lost her father, but also her country. Despite the obstacles, she knew education would save her.

After graduating high school, Alaa attended law school. However, she was not qualified to practice in Lebanon, despite her academic qualifications, due to legal barriers in obtaining employment in the country. Through the SRP, Alaa was able to come to Canada to complete her postgraduate studies at Queen’s University.

Alaa is now preparing for the Bar exam and seeking an articling position at a law firm. In the future, she would love to be a lawyer who advocates for women’s rights, especially their right to access education.

“I am so grateful to WUSC donors, because although I had the passion and resilience to pursue my dream, I needed a hand to pull me up, and WUSC offered me that hand.”



Photo of Tariq Ajam

Tariq Ajam

Originally from Syria as well, Tariq was forced to resettle in Jordan. After the Syrian Civil War began in 2011, Tariq was among the estimated 4.9 million people fled the country to escape the violence.

Tariq was accepted to Red River College in 2016 to study Applied Accounting. Being so far away from home, he felt comforted by the immense support that the Local Committee members, classmates, instructors, and staff of RRC showed him upon arrival and throughout his studies. He considers them all like family now.

Tariq was able to adjust to his new life so well that he won the Peace Award at RRC, in recognition of his strength and determination in achieving his educational goals while adapting to life in Canada.

“Education is my first priority. It is not what you study, it is about how to use this knowledge in your life.”


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